29 People Absolutely Shook By Some Of The Stuff On Drake’s New Album

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If you’ve been following news of everything Drake in the past few months, then you know that the insanely successful rapper’s been beefing with the album-of-the-year-candidate, Pusha T (seriously Daytona’s that good).

I won’t bore you with the details, but one of the most talked about back-and-forths in their beef is when Pusha T pointed out that Drake has a son the public has never heard of before. Shortly after, the beef between the two of them was squashed. Kanye, who owns the label Pusha T produces music for, declared it so and T confirmed.

It still didn’t change the fact that people had questions about this mystery child of Drake’s and other things that T brought up in their war of words. When Drake announced his newest album, Scorpion was dropping, fans of the artist were waiting with baited breath to hear if there’d be any references to the bitter exchanges between him and Pusha T. Well, Scorpion‘s here and people were not disappointed.


Drake’s album was full of surprises, like this note that sums up all the criticisms people make of him online.


People are already giving lyrics from the album the meme treatment. Like this verse from ‘Survival’.


Drake’s even got a Maury clip in his ‘Final Fantasy’ song. Here it is, and yes, it mentions Drake.


Even politicians, like the always funny Norm Kelly, are turning to Drake’s album for some inspiration.


People were quick to point out the record’s success. In meme form, of course.


Lots of fans were really feeling this particular Drake verse, where he clears up why he never made the birth of his son public knowledge.


Which more than a few people had a problem with, though.


Like, a big problem.


It really wouldn’t be original if anyone said that though, so why try it? (this message is to all plotting deadbeat dads out there)


At least some quality memes are coming out of it.


Others had some questions about the album’s cover art.


While others had some suggestions of their own.


A ‘Final Fantasy’ and ‘Mortal Kombat’ reference? Too much.


Some people didn’t mind it though.


Some people were so moved by the lyrics that they decided to reach out to people from their past.


This review of the album should have plenty of ‘Star Wars’ fans sold.


And there was some talk of Drake sampling Michael Jackson on his album.


People are excited for this MJ Dude to get some recognition.


People couldn’t believe just how hard side B of the record hit them.


Others warned about the side effects of listening to the album.


Others had a message for Drake haters who said the dude’s career was “over”.


And although people love the entire album…


…there are some clear favorites.


And of course, no Drake news would be completely without some choice Drake reaction memes.


There are a bunch of people who just know that they’ll learn every line of the album while scrolling through their Instagram feed.


Some people listened to the other ‘Scorpion’ album.


Turns out there’s more than a couple.

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