30 Of The Most Savage Memes In Response To iHop Changing Its Name

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Driving around the various routes and highways in New Jersey the past couple of months I noticed that iHop was trying to really show off their burgers to the car commuter crowd.

Now I remember being broke and in college, driving around late at night and looking for a sit down place where we could have a hot meal without breaking the bank. One year, for some reason, iHop was our spot. My friend would always get a cheeseburger. It was cheap and surprisingly not bad.

So, putting two together, when iHop announced that they’d be temporarily changing their name to “iHob” like it was this great mystery, I had a feeling it was a promotional tool for them to try and get customers excited about their burgers. I guess other people don’t pay as much attention to billboards as I do (probably because they’re too busy focusing on the road, psh, nerds) because people were a bit surprised that the “b” stands for burgers.


And people really weren’t having it.


In fact, there were a ton of memes that accurately summed up just how much we weren’t feeling the “iHob” rebranding.


The king of food service Twitter, Wendy’s, even threw in their two cents about how bad of an idea it was.


They were relentless.


Wendy’s was so savage, even the police responded to their tweets.


In iHop’s defense, they provided a pretty classy reply.


People began pointing out the obvious: that most peeps don’t visit iHop for their burgers.


Others were convinced that the chain is straight up trolling people.


And even offered up some better ideas of their own.


Like, much better ideas.


If someone’s headed to an iHop, they’re more than likely going in there for a hot plate of pancakes and/or eggs and bacon – not a burger.


Ironic nostalgia memes are already starting to pop up.


It doesn’t seem like anyone’s buying it.


People shared other branding fails from other companies. Apparently, Colgate tried getting into TV dinners.


Some are even calling it worse than the time “New Coke” came to the market.


Other companies just couldn’t help themselves from roasting the pancake conglomerate.


No matter what, some people are still going to hit up iHop for breakfast food – there’s nothing that’ll change their minds.


Even Whataburger got their shots in.


Waffle House even came at them too, in a weirdly philosophical way.


There are customers who will still visit their beloved franchise – for the reason they’ve been visiting it all along, however.


Some have theories that the newfound love for burgers might come from a specific gang affiliation the breakfast food chain has made.


Others are just insulted at the complete rebranding the pancake house is making.


For some, it’s been “iHob” all along.


Others think that the “burger pivot” wasn’t really all that planned.


There are some visionary Twitter users who are hoping that iHop will provided yummy burger/pancake concoctions like this.


For some, it’s more about the pancakes, it’s about the memories they’ve made at iHop.


It just seems like such a hard sell.


I mean, I guess there are worse names they could’ve gone with.


Let’s just hope if they are changing their signs, they’re a bit more inviting looking than this one.

Have you ever eaten a burger from iHop? Will you try one? Or will you never betray your love for flapjacks with syrup?

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