Everyone Is Sharing How Siri Schedules Them The Weirdest Reminders

We should all have a healthy fear of robots taking over. Artificial Intelligence gets better every year, and it’s only a matter of time before the revolution comes! I’m terrified and in awe of my future robo-overlords, but I also have some advice for them: do not put Siri in charge, because she does not have her sh*t together.

Either that or she just imagines that humans live lives filled with whimsy and wonder. Because these are definitely not the sorts of reminders people generally need on their phones:

No matter what you ask her to do, Siri sets reminders that sound like what an alien from another galaxy posing as a person would say to try and pass as a carbon life form:

Or she’s just suggesting we all get out of our comfort zones and start taking care of some snakes:

Even if you give her an extremely simple directive, she’ll take it to a weird place:

Siri wants you to go on an adventure and all you want is for your armpits not to stink:

Talk to someone new, Siri demands:

Literally, just do cool stuff:

Forget your chores! Dress up! Siri wants you to put yourself out there:

Bring your mom along while you’re at it:

Don’t give in to responsibilities:

That’s how I like to think about Siri, anyway. 

It’s hard for everyone not to imagine her as an autonomous being:

Who they maybe want to fight:

Here’s the thing. Even if Siri is crazy, unhelpful, and antagonistic, you still need her.

Because robots are still better at remembering stuff than humans. Bow down.

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