Marvel Fans Can’t Get Over How Goofy Thanos Looks In ‘Infinity War’

Thanks to my father’s obsession with flea markets for a couple of years in the early 90s, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a bunch of Marvel comics on the cheap. None of them were collectibles and they weren’t even in the best condition.

But I did have a lot of complete storylines and different timelines, including the six issue “Infinity War” series some guy thankfully convinced me to buy over a huge box of out-of-sequence comic books. My dad didn’t understand why six comic books should cost a bit more than some four dozen, but once I saw that “Infinity War” packed all of my favorite heroes (thank you comic book guy) – I was sold.

And even though the story traumatized me in ways I wasn’t prepared for (this list does a good job showing why) and I loved reading it over and over again, there was something that always bothered me about Infinity War.

And it’s how lame Thanos looked.

Sure, he looks almost impossible to move, let alone beat up, but there’s something about his character design that had a certain level of whackness to it. Even in the Marvel fighting games produced by Capcom he looked kinda dumb.

Some people compared him to footwear.

For others, Thanos’ looks hit a bit more close to home.

Others thought Thanos didn’t look like Josh Brolin, but another Hollywood star.

They just couldn’t stop making fun of the guy.

Remember these annoying raisins? Apparently they’re related to Thanos.

Never watched Spy Kids? Don’t worry, I got your back.

It doesn’t matter how much people liked Infinity War, they’re just not digging Thanos. And that’s OK.

I mean, so what if he looks like he puts his car as his profile picture online?

And so what if he looks like one of the greatest WWE superstars to have ever graced the squared circle?

Yes, maybe those “infinity stones” he’s after are just some testosterone boosters.

Which might explain this.

Say what you want about the character design, but it’s obviously very personal to tons of people.

I mean, some of these were oddly specific.

The pro-wrestler comparisons just kept coming, too.

“Best I can do is six infinity stones.”

And this person might’ve found out why Thanos is so upset all the time.

Because he looks like Larry the Cable Guy and has bad heartburn.

Get ‘er done, Thanos. Get ‘er done.