Someone Gave Homer Simpson’s ID To A Cop When They Were Pulled Over

There’s probably no worse feeling than the one that happens when you think you’ve just incurred the wrath of a police officer.

Whether it’s getting into an argument at the store with an off-duty cop, or being pulled over by one for doing 55 in the 54, it’s always a bad time.

The thing to remember in these situations, however, is to always keep your composure.

Just make sure it’s, you know, your actual driver’s license that you’re handing to the police officer, and not a gag one featuring a beloved character from The Simpsons on it.

Now you may ask yourself, “Why would anyone in their right mind do such a thing?” And “does such a daft person actually exist?”

The answer is yes, yes that person does actually exist.

The worst part of this story is that the individual who was pulled over by the cop wasn’t trying to make a joke, they weren’t trying to be funny.

They didn’t have an actual driver’s license and car registration on them, so instead of concocting some story about having to rush out the house real quick to get a gallon of milk and realizing they left their wallet at home, they handed them a Homer Simpson driver’s license.

I know. People online were just as incredulous.

Others figured that the cop really brought the person in not for handing them a legitimate Homer license, instead of one that’s faithful to the show.

Others couldn’t believe the gall of the police to arrest such an influential and beloved TV star.

Nonetheless, Chief Wiggum was on the case.

This isn’t the first time someone had fun with their driver’s license.

It’s a family tradition that I hope is passed on for centuries.

If you’ve ever used a fake ID to get into a club or get some booze, it’s actually a bigger deal than the bouncer just confiscating your card. If a bouncer feels like it, they can notify police officers who are usually stationed near bars that have repeat offenders to book you right then and there.