The Funniest Things Wives Heard Their Husbands Say In Their Sleep

My wife and I have an epic struggle ahead of us every time we try to put our toddler to bed in his own room. When he eventually goes to sleep, we have some time to watch a show that isn’t Word Party or share a cup of tea and do adult things like sift through coupons and balance checkbooks and talk about the people we hate.

Our son inevitably, in the wee hours of the morning, makes his way to our bed after he wakes up to cuddle for some extra sleep time. Usually he does so without waking me up, but the few mornings he does, I get to hear him talk in his sleep and even with his limited vocabulary, the results are pretty hilarious.

He’ll ask for pizza and cereal, or recite some of the alphabet with his eyes closed. Once, he pleaded, “no socks!” as if he was having a nightmare about someone trying to keep his feet from getting cold.

Now almost everything kids do is entertaining just because of how adorable they are and their boundless enthusiasm for life, but adults say equally hilarious, and just as weird, if not weirder things in their sleep.

Like Imgur user hellosodas showed when she posted some gems uttered from her husband’s lips while he was asleep.

It’s worth getting married just to hear stuff like this.