These Hilarious Rate My Professors Reviews Are The Worst Drags You’ve Ever Read

If you want to find out about your teacher, you can check out Rate My Professors, which allows students to leave reviews. Makes sense, because school is expensive and folks want to know if the person at the board cares about their job. But it also gives people a chance to air their grievances in the most unhinged way possible.

Twitter user @baecerra shared a screen grab of one particularly harsh review that reads, “I never wore my seatbelt while driving to school because I wanted to die before making it to his class.”

The tweet went viral, because it’s a hilariously awful thing to say, but also because it not even close to the worst thing on there.

Like the review of a teacher who is apparently a gossip without childcare:

The teacher who doesn’t care:

The one that came from an unholy union:

The teacher who always comes unprepared:

The teacher who makes you long for imprisonment:

The teacher who turns you into a brunette:

Wow, you’re gonna come for her wigs?

This teacher threatened his students with McDonald’s!

Then there’s this teacher who is worse than a serious head injury:

And one that is worse than tofu. And SPAM.

There’s just a demonic presence in the classroom:

Some students have even used Rate My Professor to spread conspiracy theories:

Follow the money! Oh wait, there’s barely any of that in teaching. Might be why some of these professors are such jerks.