This ‘NextDoor’ Twitter Account Posts The Hilarious Messages Neighbors Send To Each Other

This ‘NextDoor’ Twitter Account Posts The Hilarious Messages Neighbors Send To Each Other

Ever since the invention of social media, there have been plenty of people who’ve vocalized that the death of actual social interactions is imminent.

It might seem like hyperbole, but I can’t tell how many times I’ve gone to a restaurant or a family event and seen kids on an iPad for hours, and throw absolute tantrums when you pull them away from their tablets. Heck when I’m by myself, if I were to count the number of times I reach for my cell phone in an hour, it’s probably well over a hundred.

And although Facebook is in a world of trouble right now for culling user data, that doesn’t mean that all social networks are designed to get you away from interacting with people in real life.

One such application, Nextdoor, is focused on getting neighbors to interact with each other more often.

Gone are the days when everyone in their neighborhood knew each other’s names and personal business, and it looks like Nextdoor’s intention is to bring that ’50s, old-school vibe of being concerned about your local community and the people in it with their social network.

Site usage is growing steadily, which is great news for the company, and also great news for anyone who likes the read the petty, weird, and absolutely hilarious things that some users have to say about their neighbors. Because, after all, social networks are comprised of people and people have proven time and again that our capacity for the bizarre is near infinite. Something that the @bestofnextdoor Twitter account is exploiting to the fullest by simply putting up screenshots from actual user posts in the app.

That’s right, this neighbor is complaining of their daughter’s Tinder date stealing the family cat.

Then there are examples of people taking their neighborhood watch duties a little too seriously when they tried to catch an Amazon package thief.

The app even provides bouts of romantic drama with not-so-passive-aggressive messages for everyone in the community to see.

For this next post, I completely know where they’re coming from. For some reason my next door neighbor has decided to get a rooster and some chickens. Every morning I’m woken up by the sound of a bird screeching. In other news, I find getting up for morning cardio much easier now.

Some neighbors really misuse the features. Like turning their desire to get an old chair out of their house into a neighborhood “emergency.”

And some people who should really keep certain messages to themselves.

Some of the posts are more epic than others. Like this infamous “Seahawks Cannon” post that culminated in a library fist fight.

It just kept escalating and escalating.

They really wanted this guy to stop blowing his air horn whenever the Seahawks win.

The guy just didn’t want his dogs to be traumatized.

If there’s anything that’s more representative of the neighborhood mundane, it’s this thread.

They started doing detective work to narrow down the perps.

Things looked like they’d take a constructive turn.

People just had enough at a certain point.

Then, the nastiness sunk in.

Then, the talk of “immigrants.”

All of that build up that ultimately just ended up in a massive brawl in the library. Arrests were made.

All this drama is probably the best advertising Nextdoor could’ve ever hoped for, to be honest.