This Senior Prank Was So Convincing The Local Police Department Praised It

Senior pranks are a time-honored tradition in American universities.

Sure, we might be steadily losing ground when it comes to academic excellence when compared to the rest of the world, but dagnammit, we sure know how to craft an excellent prank.

They reacted exactly as you’d expect a group of sassy young teens would and the cafeteria was transformed into a giant meme for the day.

But not all senior pranks are created equal and some students take it a little further than others. Like the graduating class at this Wisconsin High School that staged a fake accident scene that was so convincing, the local police department had to give props.

They shared photos of the “accident” and, at first glance, heck, even a second glance, it looks like a car legitimately crashed into the building.

But with some car parts, some tape, a tarp, and bricks, these students were able to pull off one of the most epic senior pranks to come out of any high school, ever.

I mean, if it’s enough to get an honorable mention from the local police department, then you know it’s pretty darn good.

People lauded the prank in the comments section of the Cumberland, Wisconsin Police Department’s post, saying it’s one for the record books, and it honestly is. 

But that doesn’t mean there are other notable entries that are any less epic. Who can forget the mystery of the missing “W,” a senior prank that was decades in the making?

There was also the time these seniors hired a mariachi band to follow their principal around all day.

This gorgeous assortment of symmetrically laid-out cups all over the school is a pretty amazing prank, too. Even if they weren’t the first or only ones to do it.

Here’s one that’ll probably make Lewis Black have a heart attack unless he received some context.

Imgur user thebettertoast uploaded these amazing photos with the following caption, which describes the great lengths their senior class went through to pull off this amazing prank.

For our senior prank, some kids stole a horse statue from our local park, transported it across town on top of a truck, and than hoisted it on to the roof of the school

I mean just look at where the horse statue is placed. How did they even get it up there? How heavy is that thing? Did they rent a crane?

Then, there’s this super mature notice that was sent out to students.

Some are more clever than others.

This isn’t one of the clever ones, but hey, there’s an audience for every type of comedy out there.