‘Scud’ cloud seen over NE Ohio: What is it?

*Above video shows where roads flooded during Tuesday’s storms in NE Ohio*

MOGADORE, Ohio (WJW) — Amid a break in stormy weather Tuesday evening, Pam Blough headed outside for a walk.

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She noticed a spiraling white cloud dropping from the layered clouds over Mogadore and snapped a picture. Blough sent the photo to Fox 8 News asking if it was, “a tornado trying to happen.

There were several Tornado Warnings in parts of the area Tuesday night.

Fox 8 Meteorologist Dontae Jones took a gander at Pam’s cool photo but said it was not a funnel cloud or a tornado.

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“This is what we (meteorologists) call a “scud,” Dontae said. “Scud is a low-hanging cloud that hangs around the updraft region (the area where the storm takes in the air) of a thunderstorm. They (scuds) are harmless.”

Harmless, but neat to look at!

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