Canton’s Cleveland Clinic Mercy Hospital ends extra water precautions after negative tests

  • Cleveland Clinic Mercy Hospital tests negative for bacteria that causes Legionnaire’s Disease.
  • Bacteria had been found in two patients after they left the hospital.

CANTON ‒ Canton City Public Health and Cleveland Clinic Mercy Hospital announced Wednesday that two sets of comprehensive samples of the hospital’s water system were negative for Legionella bacteria.

With these results, the hospital, with the approval of the city health department, is discontinuing the use of filters on sinks, showers and other water sources, as well as the exclusive use of bottled water for drinking.

The testing followed a discovery that two patients tested positive for the bacteria that causes Legionnaires’ disease following hospital stays.

On Feb. 7, Mercy, the city health department and the Ohio Health Department began working through a response plan that began in response to the finding.

The hospital worked with the city health department to ensure the safety of the hospital’s water system. Mercy treated the water system, installed filters on faucets and used bottled water. Samples did not indicate a detectable level of Legionella bacteria in the water system.

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