Employee punched, customer slashed inside Bucks County pizzeria

A fight inside a Bucks County pizza place ended with a customer being slashed and a worker punched in the face.

Investigators say it was Sunday afternoon when 18-year-old Panajotis Tafa, of Doylestown, and an unidentified juvenile entered Delizia Pizza in New Britain.

“They were standing here when the one kid climbed over the counter and started punching my coworker. I tried to separate them, but the guy pulled out a knife,” recalled employee Alvis Mendoza.

Police say the juvenile suspect punched the coworker in the face following an altercation.


Panajotis Tafa

The employee pushed the juvenile to the ground and that’s when police say Tafa rushed over with a knife, officials said.

A customer tried to hold back Tafa from attacking the employee but was slashed in the arm.

“A customer that was seated here tried to help but ended up getting stabbed in the arm. It was crazy,” Mendoza says.

As other employees called 911, the two suspects ran from the scene.

The owner of the shop, Salvio LoPiccolo, tells us his employee suffered wounds to his face, while the customer suffered a gash wound.

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