DeKalb’s ‘Eye in the Sky’ operation catches persons attempting to deliver contraband to inmates

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office arrested four persons, including two individuals already in custody for attempting to smuggle contraband to jail inmates.

“Drive up and you’re getting locked up,” Chief Deputy Randy Akies said. “They want to drive or walk up to the jail, commit a crime, and leave. You will be arrested and housed with the intended inmates with consequences. Apparently, they don’t realize we’re smarter than the average criminal, and they’re not good at this.”

Akies said the suspects allegedly plotted the contraband drop during unauthorized contact with inmates.

The illegal process began earlier this year and resulted in arrests, deputies said.

The department “Eyes in the Sky” operation led to multiple arrests on Sunday.

Decatur residents 24-year-old Ralston Alexander Campbell, 26-year-old Donnisha Gabbidon, 20-year-old Cortavious De’mon Buchanan and 26-year-old Daniel Schaefer were arrested.

Campbell was charged with conspiracy to commit a felony, crossing the guard line, and possession of marijuana with intent.

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