Mother of 2-year-old girl attacked by a coyote near Huntington Beach pier files claim against city

A family outing at the Huntington Beach Pier turned to terror for Breanne Thacker and her two small children this past April. The three were at the beach with Thacker’s two-year-old daughter playing on the sand when she was attacked by a coyote.

“Essentially the coyote ran up and it tore the girl’s face leaving deep lacerations and now scars on her face,” said Sam Soleimany, Thacker’s attorney.

Thacker has filed a claim agains the city of Huntington Beach and other entities. The claim alleges, the city failed to respond to the public safety threat posed by the increasing coyote population despite numerous sightings and incidents involving the animal prior to the attack.

“What the city could have done differently in this case was follow the portions fo their plan that called for hazing teams to be created to address the risk of encroaching coyotes,” said Soleimany. “It does not appear they actually did that and based on the new plan it appears they’ve jettisoned it as an option.”

California Department of Fish and Wildlife officers caught and euthanized the coyote that attacked a local 2-year-old at a park in Fountain Valley on June 21.

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