‘People Are Getting More Brazen’: Aurora Residents Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands, Tackling Bike Thief

(CBS4) – After months of dealing with bike thefts, community members at the Stanley Marketplace matters into their own hands. Witnesses who saw a man cut the lock off a bicycle and begin to ride away chased the man down and held him on the ground until police arrived.

(credit: CBS)

“People are getting more brazen you hear more and more of things happening in broad daylight,” said Lauren who asked that we only use her first name.

Lauren wasn’t there for the action, but visits the location often and saw the photos online.

“Amazing, I think it’s amazing those people did that,” she said.

Agent Matt Longshore says Aurora Police have been investigating bike thefts from the market and surrounding area for months, but have been unable to positively identify their suspect, until now.


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