Suffolk developer buys 14 acres behind Smithfield Royal Farms

A month after Smithfield’s Town Council approved a Suffolk developer’s requested rewording of the town’s zoning ordinance, the land at the heart of the matter changed hands.

According to Isle of Wight County land transfer records from March, developer Brian Mullins of Suffolk-based Quality Homes Inc. has acquired the 14 acres behind the Royal Farms gas station at the corner of Battery Park Road and South Church Street, where he’s proposing to build a 130-home condominium-style community called “Cottages at Battery.”

The county’s Circuit Court recorded a $3.4 million deeding of the land to “Cottages at Battery LLC” from “Seasons at Battery Park,” an alternate name the project’s former developer, John Mamoudis of Virginia Beach, had used in 2020 for the then-proposed 150-unit multifamily housing complex he’d dubbed the “Park at Battery.”

The 130 units Mullins is planning wouldn’t be located in the 10-plex buildings Mamoudis had proposed but rather would be detached, roughly 1,000- to 1,300-square-foot one- and two-story houses, albeit still under condominium-style ownership.

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