Woman pursues driver who stole her vehicle, police say

A woman tried to take matters into her own hands when she spotted her stolen vehicle being driven by someone else in East Cleveland Saturday, according to the East Cleveland Police Department.

At around noon Saturday, an officer from the East Cleveland Police Department saw two cars driving at a high rate of speed, with one of the cars chasing the other.

Police were notified that a woman called 911 to say she located her stolen car and was chasing it.

She told police dispatch that she was “going to get her car whether police helped her or not.”

Police told her to stop chasing the vehicle, so they could apprehend the person fleeing in her stolen car.

The stolen vehicle, a Chevrolet Cobalt, fled toward Arlington Road, reaching speeds of 40 mph, police said.

The male driver of the stolen Cobalt drove through a field and went through some bushes and into a parking lot of an apartment complex on Brackland Road in Cleveland.

The driver exited the vehicle and fled on foot.

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