Mason kindergartner chosen as Ohio winner in 2024 Doodle for Google contest

Mason City Schools is asking for support after one of the district’s kindergartners was crowned Ohio’s winner in the 2024 Doodle for Google contest.

Talia Perera, a kindergartner at Mason Early Childhood Center, won the contest out of all age groups in Ohio, the school district announced on social media Wednesday.

The theme for the 2024 contest was “My wish for the next 25 years.”

In her response, Talia wrote: “This year we didn’t get much snow and the weather keeps changing. In 25 years, my wish is a better Earth with all the proper seasons, vacations to the moon and a place where animals and all humans can live in peace.”

Talia’s Google logo drawing has multiple elements to it, including a spaceship above the first letter “O” and someone surfing in the other letter “O.”

“Talia’s creativity and artistic talent inspire and remind us of the exciting possibilities the future holds,” the school district wrote. “Special thanks to Talia’s art teacher, Sarah Varda, and kindergarten teacher Zoe Hufnagle, for fostering a love of the arts in Talia and many other students.”

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