Siri Can Tell You What Kind Of Dog You Have With Surprising Accuracy

One of the many fun parts of adopting a rescue dog is figuring out what breed or mix of breeds your pet is descended from. Is your dog part pittie or terrier, or another combination? Sometimes, a physical trait can provide a clue, like your dog having the long body of a dachshund or the distinctive V-shaped ears of a retriever, and, other times, a dog’s background may be a complete (albeit adorable) mystery.

Luckily, finding out your dog’s background is now as easy as using your phone, thanks to Siri Knowledge’s Visual Look Up feature. It’s available on Apple’s iOS 15 and later, and to use it, all you need is a photo of your pet, something that every dog parent likely has a ton of on their phone already. Plus, unlike a pet DNA test, the Siri results are instant and completely free! No uncomfortable swabbing of your dog’s mouth required.

I recently tried the Visual Look Up on my own rescue dogs to test its accuracy. Having purchased a DNA test soon after adopting each of my dogs, I already knew that they were both chiweenies, i.e., a mix of Chihuahua and dachshund, a not uncommon combination for small rescue dogs where I live in Southern California. (My girl dog is supposedly a smidge cocker spaniel, too.) So, I was curious: Would Siri be able to tell my dogs were chiweenies? Or can the technology only recognize purebred dogs?