Laughter As Dogs Reveal Who’s the Favorite As Family Returns From Vacation

Three dogs’ adorable reaction to their favorite human returning home has melted hearts online.

The owner of Tybellas Dog Grooming Spa in Lincolnshire, U.K. shared the video on her TikTok page tybellasdoggroomingspa, where it has since received more than 140,000 views and hundreds of comments.

Captured on a home video camera, they’re not the only pups to gain viral attention. Last month a dog’s reaction to being told off on an at-home pet cam left the internet in hysterics, while another dog’s adorable behavior while home alone melted hearts.

Captured after the owner had been away on a 10-day vacation—leaving the three pups safely in the care of a pet sitter—the video showed the pure excitement of the canines when they were greeted by their favorite person.

While it isn’t always easy to know what is going on in our canine friend’s heads, research published by Psychology Today has revealed that dogs miss us more than we think.