Can Dogs Eat Pancakes?

Breakfast foods are some of the best kinds of foods — especially pancakes. But have you ever been enjoying brunch and wondered if your pup could join in? Can dogs eat pancakes, too?

The good news is dogs can eat plain pancakes, but, as with all treats, only in moderation. And you shouldn’t feed your dog pancakes with syrup or certain other ingredients.

We spoke to Dr. ​Sada Grieve, a Fear-Free-certified concierge veterinarian, to find out exactly what you should know before feeding your dog pancakes.

Can my dog eat pancakes?

Plain pancakes are OK for your dog to eat — but only occasionally.

“Plain pancakes are not intrinsically toxic, but they are not particularly nutritious,” Dr. Grieve told The Dodo. “Most are usually made with refined flours and sugars, which are calorically and carbohydrate dense. An average sized pancake (6-inch diameter) has approximately 175 calories, and a 20-pound ideal weight dog needs approximately 500 calories per day.”

So in other words, one full pancake would make up a ton of your dog’s calories for the day, so it’s best to only give him a little bit as a treat.