Pit Bull Gives Toddler Kiss and Cuddle in Heartwarming Video: ‘So Cute’

The moment when a pit bull shared an affectionate embrace with its owner’s young daughter has been captured on camera.

Footage of the pet pooch kissing and cuddling the small child was uploaded to TikTok by the young girl’s mom, Emily Green, posting under the handle @downwiththegreens, and has already been viewed 6 million times.

For many of those commenting on the clip, the video served as the perfect showcase of the softer side of pit bulls that’s often overlooked.

The idea of a small child playing at close quarters with a pit bull might be a little unsettling to some given the breed’s reputation. In a 2021 analysis of recorded pediatric dog bite injuries sustained in the United States, pit bulls or pit bull mixes were the offenders in 53 percent of cases.