Small Dog Shares the Reality of Having a Golden Retriever Bro in Funny Clip

A hilarious video of two dog siblings has gained over 4million views on TikTok. In the video, posted by @maui_thegoldenpup and entitled “0/10 recommend getting a golden retriever (joking),” a mischievous golden retriever called Maui can be seen terrorizing his corgi sister Ruby.

The text says: “What’s it like to have a golden retriever as your brother. Ruby’s POV”. The video then cuts to various scenes including Maui almost drowning Ruby by jumping on her in the pool, (“You can get murdered by his passion for ballie”), Maui weeing on Ruby (“You get peed on when he can’t find a tree”), Maui holding a good stick out of Ruby’s reach (“You can never win the game of tug”), and finally, Maui standing over Ruby while she’s eating (“You inhale all poor quality air while you eat.”)