How To Groom the 25 Hardest Dog Breeds According to Experts

Some dogs require more effort than other breeds to groom. Depending on the coat they have and other health conditions, some may need more frequent grooming sessions as well as special care products.

Here we look at 25 of the hardest dog breeds to groom.

Yorkshire terrier

Keeping your Yorkshire terrier tidy takes attention to detail.

The Yorkshire Terrier Club of America says: “Cleanliness is very important as dirty hair cannot grow well” for Yorkies, so they require bathing at least once every week or two.

Owners need to first make sure all the tangles are out before applying shampoo and rinsing the coat. “After you have rinsed, rinse again to make sure every bit of soap is out of the coat. Left in, it will dull the coat and might cause itching. Then use a good conditioner,” the Yorkshire Terrier Club of America advises.

Daily brushing is also needed if the coat is kept long, the American Kennel Club (AKC) adds. Corners of their eyes should also be cleaned every day to prevent staining around the eyes if your Yorkshire terrier tears often, as tears will cause the whisker hair to rot.