Internet in Hysterics by Dog’s Digging: ‘You Won’t Believe What She Buried’

A hilarious video of a dog in Ireland frantically burying its “treasure” in dirt has gone viral on TikTok, where it has received more than 159,000 views.

The clip shared by Sophie (@imsophieogrady) was posted with a caption that reads: “You won’t believe what she buried.”

A dog’s tendency to bury food is a part of their ancestry to safeguard their valuables, such as food. “Burying food was simply necessary for survival,” veterinarians Dr. Ryan Llera and Dr. Lynn Buzhardt noted in an article for VCA, one of North America’s largest animal-hospital chains, with more than 1,000 facilities.

Food was often hard to come by in the wild, so dogs “ate a little fresh meat, then safely stored the remainder for future consumption by burying it,” the veterinarians said.

“Even though the domestic dog knows that the food in his bowl will be replenished, and he does not need to worry about where his next meal will come from, the inherited instinct to bury food prevails,” they said.