Why Is My Dog Throwing Up?

If your dog’s throwing up, you’re probably wondering what you can do to settle his stomach and make him feel better. It might even be a little stressful, especially if you don’t know why exactly he’s vomiting.

And it turns out there could be many reasons why your dog’s throwing up, according to Anmarie Moucha, a registered veterinary nurse with DodoVet.

But when should you worry? We’re breaking it all down for you.

How serious is it when your dog’s throwing up?

Vomiting is never normal behavior, so you should always keep a close eye on your pup if you’ve noticed he’s thrown up.

But the seriousness of your dog’s vomit can vary depending on how much it’s happening.

“Vomiting once may not be an emergency, but when a pet vomits multiple times, then it is more of a concern,” Moucha told The Dodo.

You should also pay attention to whether or not your dog’s vomiting up anything other than digested food, and if he’s exhibiting other symptoms.