‘We just want to help them out’ – North East community collecting donations for house fire victims

A North East family that has dedicated so much of their time to giving back to the community is now in need of a helping hand after a devastating fire left their house a complete loss with four young children.

After rummaging through debris for the last 24 hours, a relative said their family’s whole world had just flipped upside down.

Several crews called for devastating house fire in North East

“I couldn’t imagine being in their situation. Four kids, one under two months — she literally just turned two months,” said Sara Mitchell, sister-in-law of the Bartlett’s.

It was a heartbreaking morning on Tuesday as this family of six was faced with the unimaginable.

“There’s so much debris and it’s pretty much a total loss. Nothing was really salvageable. They found some pictures that were saved, and honestly, they weren’t even impressed because the rest of it was crumbled,” Mitchell said.

Around 9:40 a.m., several area fire crews responded to a house fire in the 8700 block of Smith Road in North East.

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