The Renaissance Centre set to undergo a major facelift over the next two years

The Renaissance Centre will soon be transformed into an upscale hotel.

The developer said the transformed Renaissance Centre will include at least 150 hotel rooms and space for restaurants, events, and offices.

In the next two years, the Renaissance Centre at the corner of 10th and State streets will undergo a major transformation.

A California-based investor, Christian Siembieda, said in addition to an upscale hotel there will be space for events and retail.

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Siembieda said the renovations include preserving the historic building’s design.

“To restore the facade and the artwork that’s inside and peel away the layers that are hiding some of the beautiful details that Erie hasn’t seen in for 20 or 30 years,” said Siembieda. “We will be renovating the majority of the space into hospitality as well as food and beverage and public performance spaces.”

Erie Insurance is supporting the project with a $1 million loan to start and a $10 million loan down the road.

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