Police, Game Commission called for bear roaming Pennsylvania yard

( WJET/WFXP )– Some residents of Millcreek Township got a wild surprise Friday morning after finding a black bear roaming around their backyard.

Millcreek Police and the Pennsylvania Game Commission were called to a neighborhood near King Road around 8 a.m. Friday for what appeared to be a black bear roaming around.

According to a witness, they looked outside after hearing a dog barking when they saw the bear with the dog barking them up a nearby tree. By the time members of the game commission arrived Millcreek Police had the tree surrounded with a tranquilizer ready.

Officers were able to tranquilize the reported 1.5-year-old 85 lb. bear and get them out of the tree without incident. While the landing may seem a bit rough, the Game Warden for NWPA said the bear was unharmed and able to be released in Warren County.

Black bear spotted in Cumberland County neighborhood

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