Wonder Whip To Be Featured In Movie

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WEHT) — Owensboro’s wonder whip restaurant is making their film debut in “A Case For Love”. On Tuesday, January 23, people can watch the documentary at 1000 theater locations across the U.S.

Directed by Brian Ide, “A Case For Love” examines whether selfless love is the solution to societal and political divides in the world. The documentary will touch on topics like racial justice, grieving, and sexual identity.

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The burger restaurant says the owner, an employee, and customers were interviewed in May 2021. Seth Woodward, the owner and operator of the Wonder Whip, says Ide’s wife is originally from Owensboro, and he’s grateful that people want to come back and show appreciation for the work they do.

“In late November, we had Mr. Jack Harlow come here as part of his documentary and tour that he was doing…now we’re going to be on the big screen tomorrow. I think probably over a million people [will have seen Wonder Whip] between the two. So, to have those things happen here at home, I think really helps us showcase our community,” says Seth Woodward, the owner and operator of the Wonder Whip.

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