Red Springs Board of Commissioners meet during troubling period for town

Robesonian file

RED SPRINGS — The board room was full Tuesday evening for the regular monthly meeting of the Red Springs Board of Commissioners at Town Hall.

Many of the 50 or so residents in the audience were on hand to support recently fired town Police Chief Mark Caskey and his lieutenant detective, Christopher McManus.

Adding to the tension in the room, the air conditioner was not working and people were complaining about the stuffy heat.

According to two sources, Red Springs Fire Chief John Ammons also had been fired by the town, but in a reversal, instead was named fire chief over the fire department, streets and sanitation.

On the heels of these doings, allegations have been made of wrongful termination, unlawful discrimination and unprofessional behavior.

Caskey and McManus were in the audience, but they did not speak during the meeting.

Town Manager Jane O’Neal, who has been cited as a central figure in the town’s troubles, did have this to say during the meeting:

“Legally, I can’t comment on the situation for which a lot of you are in attendance. I can say I have been in a management position for over 40 years. I have worked for counties and towns and corporations. I’ve never taken an action frivolously or without great thought, great consideration.

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