Roseboro Beta members clean up

Roseboro Elementary School Junior Beta Club members pose in front of Sampson County Western District Park.

What do you do with garbage located on the grounds in our local community? Well you gather Beta Club members to do a clean-up of course!

The Roseboro Elementary School Junior Beta Club completed their 2nd community service project just before Spring Break this year. As Beta Club members, the students understand the founding principles of being a Beta member, which is to “give back” to the community where they live, eat and play.

Daunting weather did not prevent the group from picking up trash left on the school grounds, the Roseboro Downtown Park and the Western District Park. Using digital technology, the members used the Marine Debris Tracker by National Geographic to manage items collected. From cigarettes, water bottles, pencils, erasers, plastic cups, wrappers, bottles, and so much more were picked up and discarded in trash receptacles. It was eye-opening to see what others were throwing on the grounds in the community in which we live, eat and play.

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