‘Send The Florida National Guard To Mar-a-Lago’: MAGA Demands DeSantis Defy Any Trump Arrest By Force

Senior Donald Trump adviser and former Gettr CEO Jason Miller is asking why potential 2024 opponent Gov. Ron DeSantis has yet to weigh in on President Donald Trump’s claim on Truth Social that New York may be planning to arrest him on Tuesday, and he’s not alone on the MAGA right.

But some are more than asking where DeSantis stands — they are demanding he make a stand. As in, with troops and guns and force to prevent any arrest.

Former vice president Mike Pence responded to the claim when speaking with reporters on Saturday, and fellow 2024 Republican primary opponent Vivek Ramaswamy weighed in on Twitter and in a video , resulting in praise for the two from Trump allies like Miller and Trump media figures such as Seb Gorka .

Those Trump figures also demanded to know where both Ron DeSantis and former governor Nikki Haley are.

But many on the Trump right had much bigger questions and demands for DeSantis on the subject, with big name MAGA Twitter accounts saying that the Florida governor must intervene, and use force to do so if necessary.

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