FEMA called “the villains” by Cape Coral Mayor after cutting flood insurance discounts

Cape Coral Mayor John Gunter is demanding full transparency from FEMA after the agency announced cuts to discounts on National Flood Insurance Program premiums, calling them “villains”.

The cuts could cost more than 27,000 of the city’s households a cumulative $8 million next year.

“FEMA did not provide any documentation; they did not provide any data that they utilize in order to make this decision,” Gunter said during a press conference Wednesday. “They are the villains in this issue.”

The city is asking for more documentation to identify the issue that will raise premiums 25% and potentially solve the problem before the city loses its flood insurance discounts.

FEMA slashes discounts

Last week, FEMA informed many Southwest Florida municipalities that it plans to alter flood insurance ratings that will slash discounts, which was met with swift condemnation by local officials.

FEMA’s communications team previously stated that the lowered class ratings and subsequent discount loss were due to “the large amount of unpermitted work, lack of documentation, and failure to properly monitor activity in special flood hazard areas, including substantial damage compliance ,” since Hurricane Ian hit the area on Sept. 28, 2022.

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