‘Busiest time of year’: A look inside Oakland’s USPS center during the holiday rush

Workers at the USPS Oakland Distribution Center are gearing up for another busy holiday season. Officials at the center say they processed six million packages last year, and this year is expected to be the same.

“It is the busiest time of year for us,” said Abdul Mohaiman, implant support manager with the center. “Especially with packages. That is a growing part of our business.”

Mohaiman says nationwide USPS will process six million packages each day. He says it is all hands on deck to try and make sure people get their packages on time. At the Oakland center, he says their are up to 1,000 workers at the center at a given time.

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“It is really something we are accustomed to,” he said when asked about managing the workload. “It is something we prepare for years in advance. And this year with new technologies, we are more excited, more prepared.”

The busiest week of the season for them is middle of Dec. from the 12 to the 17 – which is why they advise you send your stuff early to make sure it arrives on time.

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