Valley Children’s CEO now has 24-hour security at home, citing threats amid pay controversy

The nonprofit Valley Children’s Hospital in Madera County is paying for 24-hour security at CEO Todd Suntrapak’s home in Fresno, the hospital said Tuesday, citing non-specific threats made against him amid public criticism of his $5.1 million annual pay package.

“He received threats,” Valley Children’s spokesperson Zara Arboleda told The Fresno Bee. “We spoke to the authorities and security is in place for the time being.”

Arboleda would not elaborate on the nature of the threats or the possible sources, but she said the hospital reported the threats to local authorities. The Bee has requested any pertinent incident reports or other records from the Fresno Police Department.

The hospital’s most vocal critics on the Fresno City Council , Miguel Arias and Garry Bredefeld, who are often at opposite ends of the political spectrum on issues, told The Bee on Tuesday that Suntrapak should be paying for his own security, if he needs it.

Since finding out that Suntrapak and other Valley Children’s executives were being paid millions of dollars, The Bee has requested an interview with Suntrapak on multiple occasions, but the CEO has declined through Arboleda. The hospital has responded to criticism through a prepared statement and a separate news release that each defend Suntrapak as appropriately paid because of Valley Children’s success as one of the nation’s top children’s hospitals.

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