Activists who want fines for backyard dog breeders will tell Fresno City Council

FRESNO, Calif. ( KSEE/KGPE ) – Fresno City Council members, along with local animal activists, are asking for the community’s support in a call to action to fine backyard dog breeders at Thursday’s city council meeting.

City councilmembers Annalisa Perea and Garry Bredefeld are encouraging the community to come out and speak at the city council meeting regarding the temporary moratorium on the issuance of unaltered dog licenses and the addition of new fines for violators.

Fresno protesters want fines for backyard dog breeders

According to the Fresno City website, the community is experiencing a crisis due to the overcrowding of dogs in the city’s shelter.

The proposed resolution is for the city to not issue any new unaltered dog licenses until the three-month moving average of the daily inventory count of all the dogs at the Animal Center is equal to or less than 75% of the Animal Center’s total dog kennel capacity.

In addition, the resolution proposes that the city fine any dog owners whose animal has been either bred, sold, or transferred without an unaltered dog license to be subject to an immediate $500 administrative fine for the first violation, $750 for the second, and $1,000 for each additional violation.

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