Gilbert Public Schools board candidates give thoughts on discipline

This is the fourth in a series of questions asked of Gilbert Public Schools Governing Board candidates. Voters will decide among these four candidates for the two open four-year seats on the board.

As a school board member, how will you approach your role in student & employee discipline?

Collette Evans, loan originator

It is imperative that our schools be a safe place for all students and staff. As a school board, we set policies and procedures that dictate how teachers and administrators should handle student and employee discipline issues. While we do not implement the policies ourselves, we do hire a superintendent and hold them accountable to make sure all employees follow proper protocol and procedure in accordance with the law.

Jill Humpherys, incumbent, homemaker

Fair and effective processes must be established by policy for student and employee discipline. Each year, students and employees are reminded of the expectations and policies for appropriate behavior at school. School boards are the final adjudicators of student and employee discipline. It is important that they not interfere in the discipline and grievance processes of the district. When I, as a member of the school board, must hear a discipline case or a grievance, I carefully read all materials, review applicable policies, listen in executive session, and consider legal counsel as I make my decision.

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