Greensboro neighborhood important to Civil Rights Movement could be listed on National Register of Historic Places

GREENSBORO, N.C (WGHP) – Greensboro played an important role in the Civil Rights Movement.

We all know about the sit-ins at Woolworth’s lunch counter in downtown Greensboro, but historians say there is a much bigger story to share that starts in one neighborhood.

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South Benbow Road neighborhood is where the people behind the movement lived. They had meetings in the churches and inside of their homes. It’s an important piece of history, and that’s why the neighborhood could soon be listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

“The community at that time was very close-knit,” said Bernetiae Reed, who helped collect oral histories in the neighborhood.

The significance of the neighborhood isn’t the street or the houses. It’s the people who lived inside, including some notable names.

“Kenneth Lee who was a local civil rights attorney lived in the neighborhood. Dr. Blunt who was one of the litigants in the Simpkins vs. Moses Cone lawsuit lived in the neighborhood,” said Heather Slane, an architectural historian with HMW Preservation.

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