Wild Raccoon Goes On the Attack at Hersheypark, Tries Biting People


A feisty raccoon crashed into a Pennsylvania theme park last week and caused utter chaos by attacking innocent bystanders — and TMZ’s got video of the whole thing.

The wild critter was looking pretty damn fierce Friday at Hersheypark — opening day for the year, BTW — where it terrorized a group of waiting riders who were in line for the SooperDooperLooper coaster  … even biting a young girl and running off with her shoe!

Check out the clip … it’s pure pandemonium, and yes — damn scary. Panicked screams are heard amid the frenzy as terrified onlookers scramble to get the hell away from this beast.


We’re told others might’ve possibly been bitten too … which wasn’t captured on camera, although it’s unclear if anyone was seriously hurt. Still, you can tell how freaked out everyone was by this — especially when the raccoon came back for seconds, so to speak.

After doing a couple laps … the raccoon eventually scurried off without issue. It goes without saying, raccoon run-ins are no joke … as they’re primary carriers of rabies, which can obviously spread to humans. So far, there’s no indication this particular raccoon was rabid.

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