PSP report vehicle crash and enforcement data for Easter weekend

Harrisburg, Pa. — The Pennsylvania State Police has released their crash and violations report for what amounted to a busy Easter weekend.

PSP recorded enforcement data for 2024 and 2023, compiling the information in a comparison chart.

From Friday, March 29 to Sunday, March 31, PSP investigated 407 crashes resulting in six fatalities and 90 injuries. Intoxicated driving was a factor in 46 of those crashes, two of which were fatal.

Troopers arrested 358 motorists for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and issued 17,168 traffic citations. For additional statistics, see the charts below.

Easter 2024 crash dataYearTotal crashes Fatal crashes People killed People injured DUI crashes DUI fatal crashes 2024 407 6 6 90 46 2 2023 411 5 5 110 31 0

Easter 2024 weekend enforcement data Year DUI arrests Speeding citations Child seat citations Seat belt citations Other citations 2024 358 5,285 90 557 11,236 2023 329 5,344 80 481 9,241

More information about the Easter holiday enforcement, including stats broken down by PSP troop, is available in PSP’s full Easter weekend enforcement document .

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