Georgia school district brings AI into K-12 classrooms

Georgia school district brings AI into K-12 classrooms 06:33

The emergence of artificial intelligence has raised questions about its impact on creativity and critical thinking. While some schools are banning the use of AI in classrooms , one school district in Gwinnett County, Georgia , has gone all-in, launching a curriculum that brings the technology into classrooms, starting in kindergarten.

The approach goes beyond robotics and computer science class. Teachers and students embrace artificial intelligence in nearly every subject taught, from English to art class. So far, the machines seem to be winning over students, parents and teachers, but there is still a lot to learn.

At Patrick Elementary School in Buford, Georgia, about an hour outside Atlanta, first graders are “programming” Lego bricks, as part of a lesson involving creative problem-solving. More than just blocks, they’re building familiarity with technology, like iPads, that are part of a pilot, public school program trying to prepare students for the challenges and opportunities that come along with the rise of AI.

Even if they don’t know what “AI” stands for, the young learners already know how to use it. Six-year-old Olivia went beyond the lesson and figured out how to program a sensor to respond to specific colors…

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