Spanish soccer boss faces sexual abuse probe, mom goes on hunger strike

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In a bizarre twist in the story that’s been called Spanish soccer’s “MeToo” moment , the mother of the man at the center of a scandal sparked by an unsolicited kiss locked herself in a church and went on hunger strike to protest his treatment Monday. The woman began her protest just hours before a top court said prosecutors had launched an investigation into her son for possible sexual assault.

Ángeles Béjar, mother of Luis Rubiales, the disgraced ex-head of the Spanish soccer federation, told Spanish news agency EFE on Monday that she’d shut herself inside a church in the southern Spanish town of Motril and that she would not eat until what she called the ” inhumane and bloody” persecution of her son ended.

“He’s not capable of hurting anyone,” she said, wondering “why they are all being so cruel to him.”…

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