Florida Man Arrested for Fatally Shooting Neighbor Over Property Dispute

A 78-year-old man from Florida is now in police custody following the fatal shooting of his neighbor during a heated argument over property lines. The Volusia Sheriff’s Office announced that Edward Druzolowski has been charged with second-degree murder in connection with the death of 42-year-old Brian Ford.

The incident occurred on Sunday night in DeLeon Springs, a town located approximately 45 miles north of Orlando. Multiple calls reporting a shooting were received by the sheriff’s office. According to authorities, Ford was trimming tree limbs along the fence line separating his property from Druzolowski’s when the elderly man confronted him about trespassing.

In a statement released by the sheriff’s office, it was revealed that Druzolowski admitted to threatening Ford with a gun and subsequently shooting him when he refused to leave. Despite the efforts of responding deputies who performed life-saving measures until emergency medical services arrived, Ford was pronounced dead at the scene.

Druzolowski is currently being held without bond as he awaits his initial court appearance. The tragic incident serves as a reminder of the potential consequences that can arise from disputes over property boundaries.