Super Bowl Selfie Sensation Ryan McKenna Faces Legal Trouble Once Again

  • Ryan McKenna, famous for his viral Super Bowl selfie, has been arrested in Florida for violating his probation by traveling out of state without permission.
  • McKenna’s probation officer became suspicious when he claimed to be unsure of outstanding conditions for October, prompting further investigation.
  • McKenna admitted to being back in Florida without permission and tested positive for alcohol, a violation of his probation as an underage individual. He now faces potential jail time.

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Ryan McKenna, known for his viral Super Bowl selfie with Justin Timberlake, has found himself in legal trouble once again. According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Ryan was arrested in Florida after his probation officer discovered that he had traveled out of state without permission.

The probation officer became suspicious when Ryan sent an email claiming he was unsure of any outstanding conditions for October, even though he had already checked in for the month. When the officer tried to reach Ryan, he did not answer, so the officer contacted Ryan’s mother who informed him that Ryan was back in Naples, Florida, where he had been arrested in February.

The issue is that Ryan’s official address is in Massachusetts, and he is required to obtain permission before leaving the state. When Ryan finally called back, he admitted to being back in Florida without getting his probation officer’s permission. Based on his “unusual behavior,” the officer tested Ryan for drugs and alcohol, and the results came back positive for alcohol.

This is a major violation on Ryan’s part, especially since he is underage and not allowed to consume alcohol as a condition of his probation. Ryan confessed to drinking on October 12, despite previously telling his probation officer that he hadn’t. Lying to the probation officer is also considered a violation.

Ryan has been arrested again, took a new mug shot, and is scheduled to appear in court on Monday morning for arraignment. As previously reported, Ryan was involved in an incident at a California Pizza Kitchen in Naples, where he allegedly got drunk and hit his friend. He was charged with felony battery on a law enforcement officer, as well as resisting arrest and obstruction of an officer, resulting in a year of probation. However, with this new violation, he could potentially face jail time.

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