Lil Nas X’s Controversial Halloween Costume Raises Eyebrows and Divides Fans

  • Lil Nas X shocks fans with controversial Halloween costume: a bloody tampon
  • Some fans find humor in the costume while others express offense and concern
  • Rapper’s provocative online presence continues to spark divide among followers

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Lil Nas X made waves this Halloween with his unusual costume choice. The “Old Town Road” rapper decided to dress up as a bloody tampon, combining gore with feminine hygiene. He shared a video on Instagram showcasing his shocking look, starting with a homemade vagina and revealing his complete outfit, complete with a blonde wig and high white boots.

While many of his fans found humor in the costume, leaving comments like “Really said PERIOD” and “Some would say you have a heavy flow,” others were offended. One person expressed concern, stating, “I enjoy this look but the fact that you personally have never experienced the stigma, shame, or pain involved with having a period makes me pause and think… But why though?” Another commenter called the outfit misogynistic and pointed out that being gay does not excuse such behavior.

It’s not surprising that Lil Nas X is pushing boundaries given his history of controversial social media posts. However, this costume choice has clearly sparked a divide among his followers. Whether it’s a shocking Halloween getup or his provocative online presence, the rapper consistently manages to stir up conversations.

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