Tragedy Strikes as Worker Dies in Kentucky Coal Plant Collapse

  • Governor Andy Beshear confirms death of trapped worker in Kentucky coal plant collapse; urges public to pray for the individual’s family.
  • Trapped workers have been inside the 11-story coal preparation plant since Tuesday evening; rescue efforts underway.
  • One worker located and contacted, unclear if this is the deceased worker or another person trapped; rescue operation complicated by dangers within the collapsed plant.

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One of the workers trapped in a collapsed coal preparation plant in Kentucky has died, according to Governor Andy Beshear. He confirmed the death on social media, urging the public to pray for the individual’s family and loved ones. Earlier, Beshear had described the collapse as “bad” and warned residents to be prepared for tough news. The trapped workers had been inside the plant since Tuesday evening, and efforts to rescue them were underway.

The coal preparation plant, located in Martin County, is 11 stories tall and was being prepared for demolition. The men were trapped underneath multiple floors of concrete and steel. Sheriff John Kirk explained that the plant had been out of commission for several years and was being salvaged for scrap. He speculated that the collapse did not go as planned and closed around the workers.

Rescue workers have successfully located one of the trapped men and have made contact with him. It is unclear whether this is the worker who tragically passed away, or if a second person has also been located. The rescue operation is complicated by the scale of the collapse, which poses dangers to the rescuers.

Updates on the situation will be provided in a news conference held by county officials on Wednesday.

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