Former Denver Resident Finds New Home in Spain: Escaping Unpredictable Weather, High Costs, and Loneliness

  • Former Denver resident Eric Michiels shares challenges of living in Denver, including unpredictable weather and extreme winters.
  • Making friends in Denver was difficult for Michiels and his family, requiring them to initiate contact and invite people to meet up.
  • The high cost of living in Denver, including expensive housing and rising rents, was a significant problem for Michiels. They ultimately moved to Spain for a better work-life balance and more affordable lifestyle.

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Eric Michiels, a 51-year-old former resident of Denver, Colorado, recently shared his experience of living in the city. Michiels moved to Denver from Atlanta with his wife and two adult children in May 2021 due to a job opportunity. They were excited about the outdoor activities and natural beauty that Colorado had to offer, but they soon discovered some challenges.

One of the biggest issues they faced in Denver was the unpredictable weather. Michiels found that the temperatures could vary drastically throughout the day, making it difficult to dress appropriately. The winters were particularly challenging, with extremely cold temperatures and heavy snowfall. Walking their dogs during these conditions was a struggle.

Making friends in Denver was also a challenge for Michiels and his family. While people were generally friendly, it was difficult to establish deeper connections. Michiels found that he often had to initiate contact and invite people to meet up. In Atlanta, he had found it easier to build relationships with others who would share their lives and struggles. Even attending churches in Denver didn’t result in the same level of engagement and inclusiveness.

The cost of living in Denver was another significant problem for Michiels. The housing prices were high, and rents were rising rapidly. Many properties were old and in need of renovation. Michiels also noticed the impact of the high living costs on the homeless population in Denver.

Ultimately, Michiels and his family decided to leave Colorado and move to Malaga, Spain. They wanted a better work-life balance and more favorable weather. Adjusting to life in Spain wasn’t easy, but they found that it offered a more relaxed and affordable lifestyle. They now live near the beach and enjoy the pleasant weather. Healthcare in Spain is also more accessible and affordable for them.

In Spain, Michiels noticed a deeper level of engagement with others. People are present and attentive when spending time together, and they take the time to get to know one another. Michiels and his family have found it easier to establish connections and build meaningful relationships in their new community.

Overall, Michiels’ experience highlights the challenges of living in Denver, including the unpredictable weather, difficulties in making friends, and the high cost of living. His move to Spain has provided him with a better quality of life and a more welcoming and engaging community.

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