Tragic Explosion Claims Life of Ukrainian Military Aide, Leaves Son Injured

  • Ukrainian military aide killed in explosion believed to be accidental, preliminary investigations suggest he didn’t believe grenades were live ammunition
  • A suspect turned himself in and warned the aide about the grenades, but he didn’t take it seriously
  • The incident initially sparked assassination suspicions but is now considered an accident, causing significant loss to the military

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A military aide to Ukraine’s commander in chief was killed in an explosion believed to be an “accident,” according to Ukrainian officials. The aide, Hennadii Chastiakov, received grenades as birthday gifts and was warned by a suspect that they were real. However, it seems Chastiakov did not believe the warning. The incident occurred on Monday, resulting in Chastiakov’s death and his 13-year-old son being seriously injured.

Preliminary investigations suggest that Chastiakov did not believe the grenades were live ammunition. The assistant to Ukraine’s commander in chief, Valerii Zaluzhnyi, was celebrating his birthday when one of the grenades exploded. Ukraine’s interior minister, Igor Klymenko, provided details of the incident in a Telegram post.

Reports indicate that the grenade was among Chastiakov’s birthday gifts, and initial investigations suggest the explosion was accidental. Maryana Reva, a spokesperson for Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, stated that the person who likely gave him the grenades turned himself in. Reva mentioned that the suspect had warned Chastiakov about the live ammunition but believed Chastiakov did not take the warning seriously.

Authorities discovered five unexploded Western-made grenades at the scene and found two similar grenades in the suspect’s office during a search. The initial findings suggest that Chastiakov triggered the explosion by turning the grenade’s ring. According to Ukrainska Pravda, Chastiakov’s wife stated that the gift bag contained a bottle of alcohol and shot glasses shaped like grenades. The explosion occurred when Chastiakov opened the package.

Initially, Chastiakov’s death was suspected to be an assassination, but that theory has been dismissed. The incident is described as an accident that has caused immense pain and is considered a significant loss to the military by Commander Zaluzhnyi, who recognized Chastiakov as a dependable and dedicated member of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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