Nick Hogan Slammed by Family of 2007 Crash Victim Over New DUI Arrest

Nick Hogan ‘s fresh DUI arrest is opening some old wounds for the family of the man who was severely injured in the guy’s 2007 crash — and they think Nick hasn’t learned his lesson.

TMZ talked to John Graziano ‘s mother, Debra … who says she isn’t surprised over Nick’s latest bust — telling us he appears to have been as careless now as he was almost 20 years ago when he got into another car wreck as a teen — which changed her son’s life forever.

While it remains to be seen if Nick will be formally charged in this new case … Debra says she believes his past incident with John — who suffered severe brain damage in ’07, riding passenger alongside Nick at the time — should be factored into whatever happens here.

To Debra, the fact Nick got popped again all these years later shows a “total lack of respect for what (he) did to another person’s life and you’re still driving reckless.”

She adds, “I can only pray that at some point in his life, while he still has the chance, that he turns his life around. Until then I hope no one else gets hurt.” Debra goes on to say that the ’07 accident and the saga that followed continues to take its toll on her/her loved ones…

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